Bonsai Mammal is the electronic project and self-titled debut EP from Los Angeles-based producer Jimmy Harry. Harry, who has written/produced songs for artists including P!nk, Kylie Minogue, Oh Land, Lo-Fang, Peaches, Felix Jaehn, and film scores for movies such as Party Monster and The Intern says, “I just wanted to make something beautiful and lush. Something to shut the world out a bit.”

“Bonsai Mammal evolved out of bunch of late night post-writing and recording session jams,” says Harry. “I really enjoy writing pop songs, but I also love taking a genre vacation to create music that lives outside that world. I began experimenting and recording different ideas and then developing some of these when I had the chance. And after recording a few songs, it seemed like they had taken on a life of their own. I started playing them for a bunch of my friends and collaborators who were extremely enthusiastic. Thus Bonsai Mammal was born.”

The Bonsai Mammal EP consists of four tracks of resolutely deep chill that float over elements of dub, hip-hop and indie electronic. The EP opens with Alligator, an ambient wave of echoed kicks and filtered piano that amasses into a symphonic dirge and then breaks into a wave of layered synths. Green In Blue features singer Tomoka’s sultry vocals drifting over a dub beat and ambient piano. Pole is a spare electronic landscape with industrial sounds that slice into an undercurrent of snake-like synths. One Person Country closes the EP on a beautiful lyrical moment with dubbed-out flutes, gamelan and a bed of lush sounds.